Thinking into Results with Actionable Steps to Implement


The first question in our self-development and empowerment is, are we controlled by our thoughts or we are controlling our thoughts.

How a person thinks is going to determine everything about his or her success. The greatest gap in the world is the gap between successful and unsuccessful people is the thinking gap. Successful people think differently maybe not better than unsuccessful people. I have never known a successful person who does not know the power of thinking.


The aim of this seminar is to make you aware of the power of your mind and to get the results that you wish in your life. At the end of this seminar, you become aware that what controls your attention, controls your life. The results you get in your life are a reflection of your state of mind or your thinking.

What You Learn

  • Your Mindset – Your Xponential Advantage
  • The Science of Changing Your Mind
  • How Does Your Mind Look Like? The Magic Graphic - Mapping The Mind
  • How To Think – Your Invisible Power
  • How To Apply the Law of Thinking For Your Self-Empowerment
  • How To Upgrade Your Thinking and Get the Results that You Need
  • How To Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs

Target Group

  • Entrepreneurs and Start-up Founders
  • Freelancers and Self-Employed
  • Coaches and Trainers
  • Fitness Trainers and Sport Lovers
  • Co-Working Spaces Members
  • And all interested in self-empowerment and development

I share with YOU jewels of timeless wisdom that shall bring you to a different level of awareness to positively influence YOU both privately and professionally.

Value: Priceless

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Inspirational Quotes

  • Whatever you focused on the longest becomes the strongest.

    John Maxwell

Dr. Akuma Saningong
Motivational Speaker, Coach & Mentor
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TUM = Technical University of Munich

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