The 100 most influential Africans in Germany 2015/2016

For two successful years, I have been honoured to be nominated by the renowned and presitigious African Heritage Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential Africans in Germany”. 2014 and now for 2015/2016. Meet these tremendous people who are doing so much in terms of socio-economic development for their country of destination (Germany) and their countries of origin. In my case Cameroon. On the picture, you find me on the 4th row, the 6th person counting from your left :-)!

NEWCOMER - Congress

NEWCOMER - Congress "Haus der Medien - Haus der Therapeuten" vom 5. - 8. Mai 2016 in Kißlegg

Scientist Dr. rer. nat. Akuma Saningong (Kamerun) - Molecular Biotechnologist, Motivational Speaker & „Salary Coach“

Top 5% best networked members

In the commemoration activities of 10 Million Members of the German (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) Professional Social Network, XING - they have chosen me to be among the Top 5% best connected members to INFLUENCERS in this part of the world!!

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Impressions from Kißleg

Pictures to my Talk during the congress „Haus der Medien – Haus der Therapeuten 2016“ – 06.05.2016

Title of the Talk: There is Greatness within YOU – Use the Bridge Between Science & Spirituality

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Highlights of Deva Premal & Co. in Hamburg

European Tour of Deva Premal, Miten and Manose in Hamburg, 12.05.2016

My Talk - Labor for Entrepreneurship, Berlin 19.05.2016

In an interview with Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin, der Founder and Chair of the Entrepreneurship Foundation Be an entrepreneur! There is no better alternative.

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Speaking Out for Humanity, Berlin 20.05.2016

The event took place in the premises of Urania. The Host and Moderator of the evening was my colleague Sabine Asgodom

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Running For The Future Of The World - The Dalai Lama Suggests - Hamburg, 18.06.2016

With the Tibetan Buddhist Monk Tulku Lobsang on the occassion of the International Day of Gang Gyok. Tulku Lobsang meditates together with the Dalai Lama.

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With My Spiritual Father, Bruce Lipton, PhD - Bestselling Author „Biology of Belief“ - Rosenheim, 07- 08.10.2016

Bruce Lipton is an American cell biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person's beliefs. This field is known as Epigenetics - You are not a victim of your genes but of your thoughts and environment. Take control of YOU by taking control of your thoughts.

Meet Me As Keynote Speaker During the „African Tech Entrepreneurship Conference“ - Berlin, 23.11.2016

#Afrolynk 2016 - Be ready for a memorable experience filled with inspiration and jewels of ageless wisdom to keep you on your track as an Unstoppable Entrepreneur.

Investing in yourself to improve your life and all those around you is the best investment you will ever make. Come meet Dr. Akuma Saningong - Motivational Speaker, Mentor & Life Scientist.

Dr. Akuma Saningong uses knowledge from the New Physics also known as Quantum Physics to inspire entrepreneurs to unleash their creativity and innovation. Be part of this positive influence.

Grab your ticket now at

#Afrolynk 2016 - Linking Africa to Europe and Makingan Impact with Tech

Dr. Akuma Saningong
Motivational Speaker, Coach & Mentor
Jevenstedter Straße 53
22547 Hamburg

TUM = Technical University of Munich

+49 (0) 40-7406-0197
+49 (0) 179-688-1446
+49 (0) 3222-649-8908

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